Vertical 4 in 1 Vacuum Slim Shape VS Plus Salon Machine


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Vertical 4 in 1 Vacuum Slim Shape VS Plus Salon Machine


This can be used for face, body and healthcare. Body: • Body Slimming & Firming. • Cellulite Reduction. • Waistline loss. • Body Massaging. Face: • Firming the skin. • Smooth out wrinkles. • Radiant complexion. • Firming Facial Contours. Health: • Relieve Fatigue. • Accelerate metabolism. • Reduce pain on the neck & lower back. Vacuum Shap Plus combines 6 technologies of vacuum, radio frequency, infrared light, diode laser and ultrasound to heat the fat cells, their surrounding tissues and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. This machine has 4 handpieces: Handpiece 1: Vacuum + Roller + RF + Infrared light for abdomen & back. Handpiece 2: Vacuum + Roller + RF + Infrared light for arms, abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs. Handpiece 3: Vacuum + RF + Infrared light for face & neck. Handpiece 4: 635nm diode laser + Ultrasound Cavitation for cellulite exploding and dissolving. Out power 2000W Main Screen 10.4 inch colour touch screen Screen on handpiece 2.4inch 1.9inch RF Frequency 20MHz CRF Laser Power 0-200mw Infrared 940nm Diode Laser 635nm Vacuum Pressure 1-Absolute pressure: 10kPa-80kPa -7.6cmHg- 2-Relative Pressure: 20kPa-90kPa 915.2cmHg-68.4cmHg- Handpiece 1 Rev: 0-39rpm Infrared: 0-20W RF: 0-100J/cm2 Pulse: 0-10s Handpiece 2 Infrared: 0-20W RF: 0-100J/cm2 Pulse:0-10s Handpiece 3 Infrared: 0-10W RF: 0-50J/cm2 Pulse:0-10s Handpiece 4 Cavitation: 40.5KHz+28KHz Diode Laser Power: 0-200mw Interval: 0-5s Pulse: 1-5s Cooling System Water + Air Dimensions of machine 35x42x111cm N.W. 40kg Voltage 220V/110V


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