Legenda Body & Beauty Care

This machine utilises high energy to penetrate the body on a deeper level. It is able to penetrate the fat layer, fascia layer and even the visceral fat. It reaches these depths in a painless and convenient manner. Visceral adipocytes are decomposed and excreted by the liver metabolism.

While have slimming benefits it also offers cell rejuvenation properties. It can heat up collagen fibers in the deeper layers to provide the skin with a rejuvenating effect. This machine also optimises the ionic exchange to balance the electric potential in the body’s tissue. This activates various functional activities and improves the sub-health of your body.


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Legenda Body & Beauty Care


– Biological stimulation (Non-Thermotherapy): It promotes cell metabolism and blood circulation which also activating fibroblast cells.

– Micro blood circulation (Thermotherapy): It helps to increase blood flow, oxygenates rough cells, helps to increase cell metabolism while also enhancing the drainage of the lymphatic system.

– High Activation cycle (Hyperthermia): It also offers a large number of detoxification functions it also stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers within the body.

With this machine you are able to target various condition/problems that your clients might have:

– Relieves joint pain: It helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, prevents of relieve spasms and can be used on various parts like the knees, shoulders etc.
– Reduce Visceral Fat: Once the body temperature increases by 1 the metabolism will increase by 12%. This machine helps to reduce visceral fat, fatty liver and subcutaneous fat as well as cellulite.
– It has a stable frequency to deliver the best results.
– It is safe to use and is equipped with contact detection capability. Once the machine loses contact with the skin it decreases the output causing no harm to the client or the device.