Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Categories: Lymphatic Courses
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About Course

This treatment can be sold in 3 parts. It can be sold as an instant centimeter loss treatment. Secondly it can be sold as a cellulite reduction treatment and thirdly you can advertise it as a lymph drainage massage.

This product:
Opens your lymph glands
Rids the body of toxins
Enhances blood circulation
Reduces water retention
To ease the pain of sport injuries
To relieve stiffness
Enhances the quality of the skin
Improves weight loss



What Will You Learn?

  • How to perform a lymph drainage massage
  • How to direct toxins inside of the body to the lymph glands
  • How to measure a client effectively
  • How to complete a measurement chart
  • Certification will be given after the course is complete
  • Practicing on model
  • Duration of treatment
  • Pricing for this procedure
  • How to use the product correctly
  • We provide marketing material and advertisements

Course Content