We are an aesthetic training academy

We are an aesthetic training academy ready to expand your knowledge regarding the beauty industry.

Our principle, Mariëtte, has 12 years experience in the beauty industry and her goal is to change and revolutionise the beauty industry one day at a time.

Our trainer, Bianca, is ready to attend to all enquiries and questions that you might have. Her passion is to help people making them fall in love not only with what is on the outside but also to extenuate what’s on the inside.

Ozone Academy Training wants everyone that has a special love for beauty therapy to hop onto their beauty train to explore all the opportunities that the beauty industry has to offer.

It is our main aim, as a training academy, to give you the best training in the industry, to always provide client service that is unforgettable and to establish a long-term relationship with you. We want to enjoy this experience with you and see your business and you as an individual flourish and prosper.

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